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Some of the presentation/master class program topics include:

  • Facebuilding as a beauty/health trend of 21st century (what facebuilding is; how it works; who can benefit from facebuilding and how to do it)
  • Facebuilding: the youthfulness and beauty of your face (preserving the natural beauty of your face; correcting facial expression-related and age-related facial flaws; facial nerve damage rehabilitation; supporting therapy after plastic surgeries)
  • Your unique appearance through the eyes of a face-expert (saying no to artificial 'rejuvenating' methods; preserving the beauty of the face in a natural way; finding your own beauty and uniqueness)

Programs include:

  • - An introductory master-class (duration: 2 hours)
    The principles of facebuilding in action.
    Exercises included: one exercise for every facial zone; relaxation.
  • Master class (duration: 4 hours)
    How facebuilding works: the principles
    Working through a shortened set of the most efficient facebuilding exercises. Recommendations on the correction of harmful facial expression habits
  • - A Training (duration: 7 hours)

    Part I
    How facebuilding works: the principles;
    Methods of correcting facial grimaces;
    Stretching facial muscles to relieve the spasms;
    Diagnosing the facial expression habits of each participant.
    A break

    Part II
    Exercises for the forehead;
    Exercises for the eyes;
    Exercises for the central zone of the face;
    Exercises for the lips;
    Exercises for the submental area and the facial contour;
    Exercises for the neck;
    A break

    Part III
    Studying the above exercises;
    Meditation for the face

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