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Gua Sha facial massage is an effective, aesthetically beautiful and pleasant way of facial treatment. This is a deep massage that allows you to work out not only the skin, but also the muscles, restore their tone. With the help of a massage with a scraper, we activate the metabolic processes in the skin, accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, due to which puffiness disappears, the complexion improves, the quality, tone and elasticity of the skin, wrinkles are smoothed out.


You will learn a full-fledged, structural Gua Sha massage that works on all areas of the face and neck. Learn how to get the wow effect of a salon procedure and get the most out of working with a scraper.

What you need to have for the practice  mirror, scraper Gua-Sha (preferably a heart/tick shape, any material will do), you can order here
massage agent (massage cream / massage oil)

The workshop is held in по Skype/Viber/Zoom

The trainer will diagnose and select a set of massage techniques, taking into account all the features of your face. He will pay maximum attention to your problem areas, correct inaccuracies and show you how to get the most striking results. Also, a summary with selected techniques will be formed for you.

Choose a schedule that suits you.

Duration:  2 lessons of 60 minutes, tete-a-tete with a coach

Cost: 90$

Time of private sessions is negotiable 

Email: jbfaceschool@gmail.com
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 09:00-19:00
Sat 10:00-14:00
Kyiv Time (GMT+2)