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(21.04.2017 17:02 Germany )

I purchased the Advanced++ Course after I met Irina Belskaya. The video disappointed me a bit because the tempo seemed to be a little too fast. Especially so in the beginning - you don't have time to get it together or correct anything should you notice a mistake. It's a rush. And I should be doing everything at a rather slow pace. So I need to pause the video to work well on everything. But all in all I think that facebuilding is a great thing. The results are really visible in the face. I wish every trainer luck and further career development. I watch all your webinars.


(07.04.2017 21:56 Moscow)

A huge thanks to Marina Platonova for the Skype Course. I wouldn't have grasped all the details of the Jenya's methodology without her recommendations. I'm sure that if it were not for the consultations of a private trainer, facebuilding classes wouldn't be so effective for me, and they even might have harmed me in the worst case scenario. Marina is a great professional, a friendly and an attentive person. I hope to see her again in the advanced course. A big thanks to Jenya for the program of exercises she'd created. Your system deserves being renowned worldwide. I wish every success to the entire facebuilders' team!

Irina F

(17.03.2017 18:45 Minsk)

Hello Jenya. I got to know Your program just two months ago, and I'm trying to work out every day. The lips were the first to respond. I wonder if you have teachers in Minsk and if you give workshops here? I'm sure that individual approach is important in every activity and classes with a teacher will be most effective. Good luck to you

Irina, there are no teachers of our school in Minsk so far, but we're planning a workshop in your city this year. You can also train with our teachers in Skype.


(07.02.2017 16:15 Moscow)

A great thanks to Irina Lisova for her competence, empathy and patience! The knowledge and skills that you share are important and relevant! Jenya Baglyk's system is very profound, systematic and efficient! I could tell that at the point of choosing a course and the classes supported it! I'm happy with the choice I made! Thank you, Irina, for the knowledge the practice and your sensitive attitude to people and the work that you do!

Vera Fal

(01.02.2017 08:36 Tel-Aviv)

Four years ago I came across Carol Maggio's book and started to look for facial exercises on the Internet. That was how I learned about Jenya. I practiced for a while, then quit. A few years passed and I decided to get serious about it. I studied various methodologies and made sure once again that Jenya's one was the best in my opinion. I found her school on the Internet and was happy to enroll for a Skype course, that was how I met Yulia Tikhonova. Yulia, you are a great motivator, teacher and a professional in this sphere. Now that both courses have been accomplished, I will be missing the two hours a week when you would patiently explain, answer my questions and share my joy when I got it right:) You taught me to train every day and take it seriously; thanks to you I became even more assured that I want facebuilding to be my occupation. A great thanks to Jenya and Yulia!!!


(31.01.2017 20:36 Tomsk)

Good afternoon, Jenya! Your methodology won my heart at once by its reasonableness and the systematic approach. I've been practicing on my own for a year already, using your video classes. The result has been great. And not long ago I decided to become a facebuilding teacher and help others as well. Can you let me know about the steps I should take. Can I purchase the Basic and Advanced Courses from you and then attend your teacher training courses in Skype?

Thank you, Elena! You need to take the basic and the advanced courses with a trainer of our school to become an instructor. Our teacher will help you master the correct technique, make sure that you do all the exercises correctly, help you become aware of the harmful facial expression habits. We sent you the details to the email that you'd left.


(23.08.2016 14:45 Moscow)

Super-exercises!!! Super demonstration!!!


(25.07.2016 08:04 Omsk)

A great respect to Jenya, I admire her! This is a person who studied this serious topic so deeply and became so successful! I've been practicing using a video for almost 3 months. My nasolabial zone became much better, but the area around the eyes hasn't responded so far. I hope it will respond a bit later. I don't miss a day. I can move my nose muscles and the cheekbones already, but the ears - not yet. The website says you are having a workshop in Moscow this fall. Really hope to attend it even though I live in a different cite. I'd also be interested to learn more details about Skype classes. Wishing you success and prosperity to your business!!!!


(07.07.2016 23:28 Saint Petersburg)

A big thanks to Jenya and Natalya for the great time we had during the workshop in Saint Petersburg. I learned a lot of new things, I understood the mistakes I'd been making. The face looked great the day after the workshop! I really noticed the difference the next day. I'll continue to work out for sure! A special thanks to Jenya for mentioning the effects of botox that I rejected thanks to her. I'd been planning to try it once for the area below the eyes) But this 'once' will not happen. I'll rather be training the circular eye muscle now. Very nice people, I was happy to meet them in person. Good luck to you and may your business prosper, that's a very useful practice! I hope to meet you again in Skype or in St Petersburg)))

- Elena, thank you very much! We'll see you again!


(06.07.2016 07:05 Moscow)

A huge thanks to Jenya and her entire school for the great opportunity to invest in myself and my face! A special great thanks to my trainer Marina Platonova! I really enjoyed taking the Basic course with Marina and I'm planning to continue in a month!


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