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(28.08.2017 17:54 Kiev)

Доброго времени суток! Я недавно для себя открыла фэйсбилдинг с Евгенией Баглык. Посмотрела видео, начала делать упражнения ежедневно, так как заметила у себя морщинки. Но вот у меня возник вопрос...Нужно ли делать гимнастику для лица каждый день? Ведь мышцы лица, как и мышцы тела, привыкают к определенной нагрузке и перестают реагировать. Просветите меня,пожалуйста, в этом вопросе.

Victoria, we recommend that you practice on a daily basis for two-three months. After that, you need to analyze the results. Continue training the zones in your face that already look good to you once in two days. The zones that still need to be corrected should be trained daily. This way you will eventually get to train 3-4 days a week to preserve the achieved results.


(27.07.2017 23:06 Moscow)

I took consultations from Kateryna Kyursheva in Moscow twice. She explained everything just great and offered some practical recommendations. I really liked everything, thanks a lot. Recommended.


(14.07.2017 17:07 -)

I learned about facebuilding in March 2017. Following a strict diet prescribed by a doctor resulted in my face losing weight very fast and getting older. The marionette lines became especially bad. I’d always looked younger than my age (I was 39 at that time) and that change in the appearance was awful. I didn’t want to accept it and I immediately started looking for the remedies on the Internet. I browsed through a great amount of videos and articles (including info on injections and plastic surgery), and ended up choosing the exercises offered by Jenya Baglyk as the safest option. I made it a rule to do the exercises daily; some of them went well and I had the general impression that it was right for me, and I enjoyed doing them; but at the same time I was concerned I could do a lot of things incorrectly. This is how I got to Jenya's Workshop in Moscow on April 22nd 2017. I'm grateful for this happy coincidence, as the workshop got to be a push that made me follow this path. I understood that facebuilding was no game but a systematic self-work, useful habits that you need to develop and stick to for always. Another important point that I discovered was that you need a close supervision of a teacher to master facebuilding techniques. I turned to Irina Lisova, and every class with her was a new discovery (Irina, thank you very much from all my heart! I'll see you again!) It turned out that I would even blow up my cheeks incorrectly, I would also strain too much in certain exercises, and I was also making serious mistakes in other ones. My dear girls and women, please don't be careless about facebuilding, be sure to train with a coach from the very beginning, don't repeat my mistakes. I was lucky to find the right way rather soon (it might have been worse). I took the first course, and I'm planning to continue. I'm really pleased with the changes that are happening to my face, and people around me also notice the improvements. Unfortunately, the modern pace of life does not leave much time for yourself, but I still keep in mind that this is something that you need to do, and I will. A special thank to Jenya for her work and the inspiration! Facebuilding based on her methodology is great and really pleasant! As for the girls practicing facebuilding professionally, their faces are just aesthetically beautiful! Wouldn't you agree that it's good to see an athletic body, just as it is to see a harmoniously developed face. Thank you all! And I'll see you again!


(11.07.2017 21:25 Valensia, Spain)

I'm 46 now and for the past few years I've been really concerned about returning my youthfulness. I surely tried all kinds of injections but saw them work just for a short time, so I kept looking for other ways and heard about Jenya Baglyk's school. I took classes with Irina Belskaya. Irina is a very positive, thoughtful, attentive, she'd explain everything in much detail and very clearly, noticing all the nuances. Thanks to her patience and expertise not only did I learn to do all the exercises correctly and return the youthful appearance to my face, but also decided to become a coach in facebuilding myself! A huge thanks to Irina and Jenya! Wishing them prosperity and luck!


(16.06.2017 19:03 Krasnodar)

Good afternoon! I got to practice facebuilding because of the problem that I had: I have a very sensitive skin and any manipulations with the face are not allowed, but the age was already showing… I searched the Interned over and over, looked through a vast number of techniques and - lucky I was - I came across Jenya Baglyk school. I understood that was exactly what I'd been looking for! I took both courses with the amazing Irina Belskaya. The result is seen in my face, as they say. I'd like to say a huge thanks to Irina for her friendliness, attentiveness, and most importantly the professionalism. I wouldn't be able to do everything correctly without an instructor, there are so many fine details, I know it from my own experience. So I now practice facebuilding every day. I found it to be an alternative to injections and plastic surgery and I hope I will look young and beautiful for years to come. And I'd like to wish Jenya, Irina and other instructors to be very happy - since you're making women happy


(01.06.2017 13:14 Ingushetia Republic, Nazran)

Hello Jenya, I'd like to thank you for the work you do, for the great management of your school and the wonderful trainers.

Natalya Yaroshuk

(30.05.2017 11:35 Odessa)

I was a student in Irina Belskaya's group this spring. She is a smarty - she'd explain everything in much details and very clearly, and she just sends positive vibes! It's nice to practice using a video as well, but now I know for sure that it's impossible to check if you're doing all the exercises correctly. And Irina was watching us well and corrected all the mistakes we would make :) Thank you so much for teaching us!

Nadezhda Zorina

(25.04.2017 14:37 Izhevsk)

I've been practicing facebuilding for 2 months in a mini group led by Olga Nevostruyeva in Izhevsk. A woman always seeks to be young and beautiful. And if your face is like a rainy autumn…? So there I am at Olga's classes. It's not easy, but Olga inspires, makes you practice, captivates you, and I won't give up. Yes it's hard, one needs much effort and regular practice but I believe that the result will pay off. By the ed of the two months my eyes 'opened', the facial contour became more defined, the cheeks got toned, the chin built up, the folds and the wrinkles in the neck disappeared - even at this age as I'd already retired. You will not be able to master the exercises correctly without a trainer. I'm grateful to Olga for the passion and patience, for her attentiveness and the highly demanding attitude to us, for the meticulous tutoring of all the exercises and the positive vibes in her work. Olga is a great professional and I wish her creative success; I also take my hat off in the presence of the school founders. A thankful student of Nadezhda Zorina.


(25.04.2017 14:24 Moscow)

Good afternoon, Jenya! My name is Nadezhda and I attended your workshop in Moscow on April 22nd. I'd like to say thanks for your great work. Working with people directly is the most difficult of all jobs. And I must be not an easy type to deal with, but I can assure you - I'm the most grateful one. I don't understand why I hadn't thought about facebuilding before, but I agree with you when you said in one of the videos that I just hadn't thought about that. I know for sure that no facial cleansing procedures nor face grinding, nor peelings will yield the best results without muscle exercising. It took me 8 months to remove a great number of 'excess tissues' from my face, that no peelings could cope with. I'm happy I saw you in person as I now know for sure there is no limit to perfection. Of course age does matter (I'm 46), but I'm sure it's all thanks to your classes. Thank you for treating your work so professionally. I didn't even want to consider other techniques as, in my opinion, one should trust the people who'd walked all the way on their own, and one also should trust their guts. My intuition was right, it's good I trusted in you! And one more thing - that might be a minor detail for you, but I want you to know: Every time (and that is daily) when I finish my facebuilding workout, I say "Thank you, dear Jenya". Sorry if I hurt you. I didn't want to. Thanks!

Thank you, Nadezhda! I am very pleased to receive this wonderful testimonial! Knowing that my work helps improve other people's lives makes me even happier :):) Good luck in your classes! Wishing you beauty and happiness;))


(25.04.2017 14:27 Donetsk)

Hello Jenya! I'm really grateful for making your videos accessible publicly. I started to work out - and I liked the results. It might not be too striking at the beginning, but after each class there is a subtle change for the better. I would also like to say thanks for explaining everything so well and clearly… How not to wrinkle, what to do should facial muscles move while they shouldn't, why stretching is important, and things like that. To be honest, there is something I'm concerned about. I think that during the workout the right side of my face works MORE. The same happens to my body. I used to work out on the left side of the body more. I'm now doing the same with my face. I'm afraid one part of my face might pop.. So one nostril might be higher than the other one, and I wouldn't want that at all… So I decided that the part of the face that is more prone to tension should be stretched more as well. I'm not sure that's a panacea though. I'd appreciate any advice from you - what do I do in case like this? I wouldn't want to quit practicing because of this…. Thanks!

Olga, thanks for your interest towards facebuilding. If you defined the asymmetry correctly, this is the right approach.


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