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(15.01.2018 23:35 -)

I took the Beginner's course with Olga Nazarova. I'd like to say a huge thanks to her for being such an attentive and highly-skilled expert. Olga explains every exercise in a way that is easy to grasp. I was impressed by her ability to somehow see if I was doing an exercise incorrectly she would tell me immediately how to fix it. And isn't this the most important thing when we work with our dear faces. Thanks to her attentive approach I did all the exercises right and as result - in the most efficient way! Thank you,Olga! I will recommend you to my friends!


(27.12.2017 11:07 Almetyevsk, Tatarstan)

The 30 class all-inclusive course with the sunny Irina Belskaya somehow passed so fast! I am 57 with all that it implies, and unlike the majority of the beautiful instructor ladies I'm not a fitness trainer by far. Anyway, I will start taking care of my body now for sure. So this has been a kind of experiment showing the capability of my organism to restore itself. I agree that one should start training at 23, but it's still great to see that the asymmetry has almost disappeared since we started practicing, and the bulldog cheeks have become much smaller. I wonder if three more months of training will do it? Irina was amazingly gentle, friendly and at the same time very persistent in making me perform the exercises correctly and accurately. A huge thanks to her for the real interest in the result of our classes. She was watching the changes so carefully and would change the program and the number of exercises for different zones so carefully, that I admired her professionalism every time that we met. I definitely will contact her again for any further consultations. Happy New Year to Irina and the entire team of Jenya Baglyk and I wish them all the best!

- Maria, thank you so much for your kind words! All the best to you in the forthcoming year!


(27.12.2017 11:09 Druzhkovka)

I've been training facial muscles for 8 years already, following 8 different author's programs. This year I found Jenya's school. I've never seen anything more effective than this. The work is very well organized, the trainers are easy to reach, the communication and feedback are also great. A special thanks to Elena Lysenko (the trainer representing Jenya's school in Kharkov). I'm training with her in Skype consultations. Elena is very attentive, we're working on all the techniques to the slightest details. The results are really visible and I'm happy with them. Thanks!

- Anna, thank you so much! Enjoy the classes!


(25.12.2017 13:11 Noyabrsk)

I purchased the Basic course… now I'm trying to practice, but I still don't understand clearly how to hold the skin so that no wrinkles would appear, and I don't feel any tension (tiredness in the muscles) after working out, neither. I'm concerned there will been effect at all(((((

- Hello. We recommend that you purchase consultation with a trainer of our school to check and correct your technique.


(13.12.2017 11:01 Kaliningrad)

Hello, I would like to purchase the all-inclusive advanced course to train in Skype. What is the mode of training? Will I perform the exercises and an instructor will watch me do it and correct the technique? Thank you in advance for your reply.

- Hello Diana, the all-inclusive course consists of 30 1-hour classes. The training goes like this: a teacher will demonstrate an exercise, always explain the muscle that is engaged in it, and what effect to expect. Then you repeat the exercise. The teacher controls your technique and corrects mistakes if there are any. Each class tackles facial zones consequently, and the exercises gradually become more complicated. When you've mastered all the exercises in the program, the training routine will be the same as in the gym: you're going through the whole program, and the trainer will offer varying modes and workload, with your problem areas tackled every time.


(03.11.2017 14:16 Kiev)

Hello, I would like to share my positive experience with facebuilding! A few years ago I came across Caroll Maggio classes, at that time I wasn't especially concerned about any wrinkles at all, but as I studied my face in closest details, I saw the fine lines around the eyes were already there, though I wasn't concerned with them too much. But a horizontal wrinkle on the forehead really was ruining my mood. (Then I decided to to do some exercises for the forehead and see if there'd be any results. It took me a week to get my forehead smooth - and it stayed like this since then). So that was when I got interested in gymnastics for the face, I watched a lot of videos, read through testimonials and finally I found the BEST trainer EVER - Jenya Baglyk!!! I've been working out for over two years already, there definitely IS a result, and I'm especially happy about the changes in my nose, cheekbones and the lifted eyebrows! The other day I found a photo where I was 20 years old and I compared it to a recent one (I'm 34 now) - I was surprised to see how everything'd changed for the better! I recommend facebuilding with Jenya Baglyk to everyone, and the key here is not to be lazy, do everything correctly and I'm sure you'll enjoy the results!!!! A big thanks to Jenya for helping us stay young and beautiful!!!!) November 3rd 2017 14:15 Katya Makovetskaya, Kiev)


(04.10.2017 12:41 Tulun Irkutsk Region, Russia)

I've just taken two courses with Olga Nazarova. I'm a bit sad and scared to continue training further onmy own. I'm 32. I haven't been enjoying my reflection in the mirror for the past two years. In short, it was challenging. Nothing would make me feel alive. But then by chance (I'm not sure how this miracle happened) I came across Jenya's classes in Youtube and then I understood what I needed. I tried to work out on my own, but I felt I was doing something wrong. I emailed them, and… The sweet, kind and amazingly beautiful Olga came out to be my coach. Not just did she teach me to do the exercises correctly, but she also instilled self-confidence in me. Olga, thank you for your patience, sensitivity and responsiveness. I'm sorry about my whims and tears. You're doing good - you make us women happy! P.S. and trust my experience (as a woman who used to do some exercises I'd find in the internet WITHOUT A MIRRIR) - you won't be good without a trainer. You are sure to do something wrong in any case. I would even raise my eyebrows incorrectly. I hadn't achieved anything within a year, rather on the contrary - my nasolabial folds got worse, and I can see them changing for the better now as I'm training with Olga! And it's been just 1,5 months!!!! Hurray! Dear Olga, my kindest wishes to you. Nice things always happen to you when you do good. May God be with You!


(13.09.2017 10:20 Kiev)

Марина Платонова - замечательный и обаятельный тренер. Я осталась в полном восторге от пройденного курса. Мне особенно понравилось доступное объяснение упражнений, интересные ассоциации для их правильного выполнения. Тренер тщательно следила за нашей техникой выполнения упражнений, давала персональные рекомендации каждому участнику группы. Я выходила счастливой и вдохновлённой после каждого занятия. Сейчас усердно работаю на результат и планирую продолжить обучение. Рекомендую всем школу Фейсбилдинга. Вы получите незабываемое удовольствие и шанс продлить свою молодость и красоту! :)Marina Platonova is a great and a charming trainer. I'm delighted by the course we've taken! Most of all I liked the easy to understand explanations, and the interesting associations for mastering them. The trainer was watching us do the exercises very carefully, providing personal advice to every student in the group. I would leave the classes in a happy state of mood feeling very inspired. I am now working to achieve better results now and I'm going to continue with the studies. I recommend the school of Facebuilding to everyone. You'll be incredibly pleased and it's a great chance to have your youth and beauty last longer! :)


(05.09.2017 10:25 Kiev)

Марина Платонова внимательный и отзывчивый тренер. На занятиях ей удается уделить внимание каждому участнику курса. Уделаяет дополнительное время после занятия, для проработки деталей и вопросов.

Yulia Nemalova

(28.08.2017 17:23 New York)

I purchased the Basic course. It's been money spent on air. There are just a few exercises, and mostly warming up and moving your head around. All the exercises that were there are already on Youtube. No course description until you buy it. I wouldn't recommend buying this course. I suppose there might be something more interesting in the advanced level. I wanted to purchase it with a 50% discount, but was refused to do so as the discounts don't apply to video classes. That's another misunderstanding I had. I'm really upset and dissatisfied. $40 is too much for a course like this.

- Yulia, we are very sorry to learn that you did not like the video you'd purchased. Every video has a description: the Basic one includes: main exercises for all facial zones, relaxation techniques. The course will help train the main facial muscles, build the face, teach how to relax the muscles in the face. What other details would you like to know? Yes, most of the exercises are publicly available free of charge through our Youtube channel. But the non-stop video classes are not a tutorial video, they were recorded on request of our clients who wanted to work out using a full-fledged program without missing any zone and at a correct tempo, without wasting the time to look for the exercises on YouTube.


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